Federal Bio-Technology Transfer Directory Database

Covering Federal Biomedical and Basic Biotechnology Inventions and Technology Transfers, 1980-Present

  • The largest directory of biotechnology and pharmaceutical licensing opportunities

  • The only source for federal technology transfer information - Inventions; Patent licenses/transfers; Collaborative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs)

  • Available as an Internet Web database (at this site), for in-house use at your site or as a conventional online dial-up database

  • Essential for technology transfer, scientific and commercial information and competitive intelligence

  • Federal agencies/labs have the largest and most important portfolio of biomedical and biotechnology inventions and are the U.S. biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries' most important source for new technologies. Federal labs including NIH are involved in the discovery, development and commercialization of a large number of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare products and technologies. These include hundreds of:

  • Broadly enabling and fundamental technologies
  • Breakthrough, blockbuster and orphan therapeutics
  • Diagnostic methods, reagents and apparatus
  • Research and specialized reagents, methods and apparatus

  • The Federal Bio-Technology Transfer Directory is the only resource providing access to these unique technology transfer opportunities and activities. It is an essential resource for the U.S. biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and the biomedical and life sciences research communities--for scientific and technical information, technology and market assessment, and for competitive intelligence concerning federal research, development and commercialization activities.

    The Federal Bio-Technology Transfer Directory database describes all federal biomedical, basic biotechnology and related inventions and technology transfers from 1980 through 1996 (and is updated monthly). Over 4,200 detailed abstracts (as of 3/97) describe about:

  • 2,850 inventions - 1,800 U.S. patents and 1,050 applications
  • 1,500 patent licenses (including over 500 exclusive invention licenses)
  • 1,135 CRADAs

  • The majority of entries are recent with 84% of entries since 1990 and most of CRADAs presumed active. Over half of all entries involve the Public Health Service (NIH, CDC, FDA). All together, about 90% involve therapeutic and/or diagnostic applications, with about 60% involving biopharmaceutical/drug and 40% involving diagnostic applications.

    Information is included about licensees and CRADA collaborators, their development activities and strategic partnerships, and the status of products and technologies in development. Much of this information has never before been published or accessible. Besides over over 4,200 original abstracts, the database includes the official abstract and exemplary claim for over 1,500 U.S. patents.

    All of this information is abstracted, cross-referenced and indexed in-depth with over 45,000 subject index entries, including controlled subject indexing. Full record, subject, organization, agency/lab, inventor, patent/CRADA number, date and other separately searchable fields are provided. A microthesaurus describes the terminology used in the subject index. The database is fully documented with a users guide, sources for further information, federal agency/lab contacts, etc.

    Access - The Federal Bio-Technology Transfer Directory database is available on an annual subscription basis directly from its producer, the Biotechnology Information Institute, in two formats - as an Internet Web database (updated monthly) or provided for use on your own computer (updated quarterly). Database subscriptions (either format) are $300/year and include a free copy of the book (678 pages, 1994). For further information or to order contact:

    Biotechnology Information Institute
    1700 Rockville Pike, Suite 400
    Rockville, MD 20852-1631
    Phone: 301-424-0255; FAX: 301-424-0257
    E-mail: biotech@bioinfo.com
    Web site: http://www.bioinfo.com

    The database is also available online, packaged along with other technology transfer databases, from Knowledge Express Data Systems (phone; 800-529-KEDS; E-mail: info@keds.com). KEDS offers both conventional dialup network and Internet Web database access.