[Federal Register: September 25, 1995 (Volume 60, Number 185)]
[Notices] [Page 49397-49398]

Availability for Non-Exclusive, Exclusive, or Partially Exclusive
Licensing of U.S. Patent Application Concerning a Recombinant Vaccine
Against Dengue Virus

AGENCY: U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, DoD.

ACTION: Notice.

SUMMARY: In accordance with 37 CFR 404.6, announcement is made of the
availability for licensing of U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 08/
433,263, entitled ``Recombinant Vaccine Made in E. coli Against Dengue
Virus'', and filed May 2, 1995. This patent has been assigned to the
United States Government as represented by the Secretary of the Army.

ADDRESSES: Commander, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command,
Attn: Staff Judge Advocate, Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland 21702-

Mr. John F. Moran, Patent Attorney, (301) 619-2065 or telefax (301)

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The invention relates to the development of
a recombinant vaccine for dengue viruses in which gene fragments
encoding important structural and non-structural proteins were
expressed in Escherichia coli as fusion proteins with Staphylococcal
protein A. The Recombinant fusion proteins were purified, analyzed for
antigenicity, immunogenicity, and their ability to protect mice against
lethal challenge with live dengue (DEN) viruses. Antigenicity was found
with anti-DEN polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. Mice immunized with
the purified fusion protein made anti-DEN antibodies measured by the
hemagglutination-inhibition and neutralization tests, and were solidly protected against lethal challenge with DEN viruses administered by intracranial inoculation.

Gregory D. Showalter,
Army Federal Register Liaison Officer.